Thank you for your cooperation

Read carefully

All inclusive... almost!

For your comfort, all services are included in the rental fee. However, you must ensure that the following rules are respected. But don't panic! This is mostly common sense and easy to follow.

In general, think about the following guests and the shape in which you found the cottages.

Money is not everything: how would you like to find your home if friends had stayed there while you were away?

5 minutes for each of you, an eternity for us!

29 no more!

The grounds alllows it, but for insurance issues, availability and above all safety regulations, it is forbidden to organize parties and weddings with more than 29 hosts. Tents are also prohibited.



We provide you with indoor and outdoor games. Please take good care of them: clean them if necessary and store them where you found them. Report any loss or missing equipement.

The following guests will also be happy to benefit from games in good condition.

A la carte

Our gîtes may be rented separately. Therefore, nothing should be moved between each house as they are equipped according to their own capacity.

For large parties, it's easy to move things around, but think about the time it will take to put everything back ... ALONE!

Tidy up

After each use, please make sure to store each item properly cleaned where you found it. Our accommodations are large and for your comfort, they are very "heavily" equipped. Checking everything between two stay is particularly tedious.


Lights on!

With all those light bulbs and appliances, our large accommodations are greedy in electricity. Depending on the use made of it, it can be very expensive.

Usage cost is included in our rates, so that it stays that way, don't forget to turn off the lights when absent. Do not to leave them on all night inside and outside ...


Save our planet!

Heat up!

Given the size of the cottages, remember that it is not possible to heat the interior to 25 ° as in an apartment. And in the countryside, the outside temperature is lower than in town by around 2 degrees. Also, if you are chilly, proudly wear your prettiest cardigan, or your hand knitted sweater! Ventilate a little, and don't forget to close the windows.

Advice from the heating engineer: beyond 20 °, a degree less is 7% savings! The castle is 400m2, imagine the cost!


Again, save our planet!


You will find in our cottages:

- 2 or 3 kitchen towels

- Some coffee filters

- Sponges and dish soap

- A trash bag

- A barbecue grill cleaner and scrapers 

- Some pods for the dishwasher and the washing machine.

- Soap

- A roll of sopalin

- A few rolls of toilet paper

- Matches

What to bring

For your comfort, we provide some basic necessities. Please note, that their quantity do not depend on the length of your stay but only to help you out a day or two before doing some errands

We do not provide:

- Food product (coffee, tea, oil, vinegar ...)

- Charcoal

- Additional kitchen towels

- Any household product other than those from the previous list

- Towels, blankets for an outdoor use

- The rain boots to go in the forest!

Femme de ménage Meubles


A few simple steps before leaving

We are happy with our success but it limits the time we can spend tidying up and cleaning up the houses. And this is fortunate for us because it is not the easiest nor the funniest part of this activity. 

Therefore, do not forget to check all the points in the following list before your departure.

Otherwise we would be forced to withhold all or part of the deposit.


Sortir les poubelles et respecter le tri sélectif. Le verre sera déposé dans l'un des points d'apport volontaire à proximité. 


Nettoyer et ranger la vaisselle.


Vider les réfrigérateurs-congélateurs, remportez toutes vos denrées alimentaires.


Remettre le gîte en ordre, tel que vous l'avez trouvé. Oui, oui, même la chaise de jardin qui traîne au fond du parc et le ballon des enfants sous le sapin!


Les détritus c'est dans la poubelle, pas dans le jardin! Le tracteur est fait pour broyer l'herbe et non les bouchons de champagne, les emballages ou les cailloux... Cela peut sérieusement l'abîmer et coûter cher en réparations.


Défaire vos draps et les déposer au pied des lits avec les serviettes de toilettes.


Un plat ou un verre cassé ça arrive. Inutile de cacher les bris de verres sous le meuble... Dites le nous! Et les hôtes suivants pourront eux aussi profiter d'un équipement complet.

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